is a real time attendance tracking and recording solutions. It has real time reporting, compatible with android, great on Firefox and Chrome browser and provide accurate time attendance tracking for your employees and supports multiple sites. Best of all, its really FREE! Tested and compliance with Payroll system in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Philippines & Singapore

Simple, Accurate & User Friendly.

The better payroll & attendance trackking system.

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Payroll & Attendance Tracking System payroll & attendance tracking system is made with simplicity and accuracy in mind. Unlike traditional attendance tracking system such as biometrics, time card, RFID tag or log book, is accurate, fun and easy to use.


No cheating, you can't cheat the camera.


Login, smile, click


Funny faces, checking your dental hygiene, share your Selfie on facebook and other social media.

Remote clocking-in/out capability

Allow or disallow your employees to login via their Smartphone. It's your choice.

On-demand reporting

Live reports whenever you want. Just within 4 clicks.

No arguements

Employees will receive automated email notification when they are mark late or absent. They can appeal based on company HR policy.

Setting Up to work for your organization is a breeze

Average self setup time for a company with less than 50 employees is 60 minutes.

What do you need for payroll & attendance tracking system to work?

No specialize equipment to purchase. You only need a computer with Internet access and a Webcam. Can also work on Android devices with camera. real time attendance tracking solution eliminate the need to purchase expensive and outdated equipments such as biometric or time machine. time attendance tracking solution is also green and it's real time reporting is highly regarded as the key reason for many businesses to choose us over traditional tracking solutions.

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Made with simplicity and accuracy in mind, is accurate, fun and easy to use. Here are what people say about us.

About is developed by a team of enthusiastic coders and business owners to solve a problem of their own. Being a part owner of several other businesses force us to be on top of our day to day activities and we realize that knowing the where about of our employees and team mate is crucial hence the birth of

Lastly, Thank you Structure Capital's & vOffice for making this Pay it Forward solution a reality.

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