Why Clock-in.me ?

Clock-in.me attendance tracking system design goal is to have attendance system that's simple, accurate, fun but yet still provide control to the stakeholders. Unlike traditional attendance tracking system such as biometrics, time card, RFID tag or log book, Clock-in.me does not require investment of proprietary hardware and infrastructure.​ Organisations that uses Clock-in.me also reported an increase in employee happiness. What's not to like about taking a Selfie? :)

No more Fake Punch in or Punch Out.

Clock-in.me uses camera for marking staff attendance. No more lying, no more arguments. In fact, users are much happier taking their " selfies" for attendance.

Real Time Monitoring of Attendance.

You will know immediately, in real time which staff are late or absent. These helps you allocate your man power resources according to your staff attendance for the day.

No Expensive Hardware

There is no need to spend a single cent on your punch card or bio metric machines and its storage server. Clock-in.me is on the Cloud

Instant Attendance Reporting

Download staffs attendance report instantly. Recall and display staff attendance records for instant review

It’s simply simple.

Clock-in.me has simple pricing structure. Upgrade when you need to or simply use the Community version for Free. Clock.in,me is also easy to setup. You will be logging staff attendance in a matter of minutes and not weeks!

How Clock-in.me Works?

Taking staff attendances is simple as taking a Selfie!

Setup your User and Time Schedule in Clock-in.me

User login to Clock-in.me.

Look into the Camera, Smile and Take a Selfies!

Set Up Clock-in.me in 4 Simple Steps!

Set up your department
Set up shifting schedule
Add your employees
Assign the correct department & shift

System Requirement

No specialize equipment to purchase. You only need a computer with Internet access and a Webcam.
Can also work on Android devices with camera.