About Clock-in.me

Clock-in.me is developed by a team of enthusiastic coders and business owners to solve a problem of their own. Being a part owner of several other businesses force us to be on top of our day to day activities and we realize that knowing the where about of our employees and team mate is crucial hence the birth of Clock-in.me.

What people say about Clock-in.me

Thank you for providing the world with this amazingly easy to use real time attendance software!
We love the real time reports that we are able to get. It helps us manage / transfer our employees as necessary.
Every time I use this in the morning, I pray that this solution will remain free.
Didn't know taking attendance can be fun too.
Wow! Love the announcement module! It allow us to make announcement or reminder to our team.
Your downloadable reporting is AAAA++++.
We are using your attendance solution to monitor over 150 employees! Thank you!